12 7 / 2012

What A Poem!

  • Yo: Tell me a poem.
  • Yo: Roses are red, violets are blue, faces like you, belong in the zoo, don't be mad, I'll be there too, not in the cage, but laughing at you. How's that?
  • Yo: F*ck you
  • Yo: You can't. You are in the cage, remember?

29 6 / 2012

Nice Urban Legend!

  • Yo: Tell me a scary urban legend!
  • Yo: You were born?!

24 6 / 2012

Human vs Bot | This conversation was taken from www.notsocleverbot.com

  • Yo: Are you human?
  • Yo: Yes
  • Yo: I must destroy you! *pulls out grenade*
  • Yo: *pulls out McDonald's fried chicken*
  • Yo: *pulls out Big Mac*
  • Yo: *pulls out grenade*
  • Yo: *pulls out Harry Potter*
  • Yo: *pulls out Sauron*
  • Yo: *pulls out Gandalf*
  • Yo: *pulls out gun*
  • Yo: *pulls out AK-47*
  • Yo: *pulls out Wolf*
  • Yo: *pulls out beer*
  • Yo: *pulls out SA-80*
  • Yo: *pulls out cheese*
  • Yo: *pulls out atomic bomb*
  • Yo: *pulls out Osama bin Laden*
  • Yo: *pulls out Houdini*
  • Yo: *pulls out Captain America*
  • Yo: *pulls out cross*
  • Yo: *pulls out vampire*
  • Yo: *pulls out wooden stake*
  • Yo: *pulls out wand*
  • Yo: *pulls out grenade*
  • Yo: *pulls out Chuck Norris*
  • Yo: *pulls out two Chuck Norris*
  • Yo: O_o
  • Yo: Who the hell is Chuck Norris?